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     MÁV Repülőklub

The airfield is located 3km south of Budakeszi, by the road from Budaörs to Budakeszi. The airfield is one of the first gliding places in Hungary, it is in operation from 1929, firstly in a valley, in the Buda mountains, hence the name Farkashegyi Repülőtér, which in translation is "Wulf Mountain Airfield". The airfield "moved" to its current location in 1959. It is primarily a sports airfield with heavy glider activity at weekends. Airplane rides are possible both with gliders (usually at weekends) and motorplanes. The airfield has a large parking area.

Tie down area and refuelling (AVGAS 100LL) is available for visiting pilots, hangar space might be available upon request, but cannot be guaranteed. Accomodation (in hotels) can be reserved in Budakeszi or Budapest.

Arriving by car: 

Budapest (from South) on the M1-M7 highway from Budapest, keep right onto M1, then take the first exit to Törökbálint, Budakeszi. After leaving the highway, turn left, then go through the intersection. The airfield will be on the right side, the car parking is located at the rear side of the hangars. (turn right from the road, before passing the hangars)

Budakeszi (from North) the airfield will be on the left side. Pass the bus stops, then at about 100 meters turn left, after passing the big hangars.

Parking is prohibited at the airfield gate, please use the designated parking, described above.

Arriving by public transport: 

From Széll Kálmán Square take the 22 or the 22A bus line to its terminal station. The final station of the 22A is in Budakeszi center, where it is easy to change to the Volán bus, which has a station at the airfield, (Farkashegyi Repülőtér) or you can reach the airfield by a 25 minutes walk. 
The final station of the bus 22 is Tesco-Parkcenter, from here the airfield can be reached by a 10-15 minutes walk.
Click here, for the 22, 22A bus schedule, and here for the volán bus. (779)

Cycling route: 

From the Tesco-Parkcenter there is a bike path (independent from the road) directly to the airfield. We recommend our visitors to walk there, if you choose to come by foot.


Movements in the airfield

Please be careful and keep in mind some simple advice:

  • never approach airplane with running engine
  • the planes may move off the runway, (for refuelling, etc.) please watch out
  • entering the runway is strictly prohibited, and dangerous, please walk outside of the runway markers. Planes moving fast, and gliders cand be hard to see, and hear
  • if the glider starts are at the other end of the runway, please ask for instructions from the winch operators
  • please follow the instructions of the flight instructors it is for your safety